One Night Stand - Acoustic 16th January 2007

Review: This showcase event in the ONSA series was held at the Jagz club in Ascot, Berkshire. There were 11 acts on the bill, some experienced performers and others debuting.
MATEUSZ: First to take the stage was a Polish jazz pianist, a very talented young man who knew how to play with his organ, a roland electronic keyboard, that is. He played 3 tunes.
FINCH: an aurburn-haired 30-something, with an acoustic guitar, she played 2 of her own songs, ??? and ???, and a Scissor Sisters's cover "Take your mama out tonight".
RICHARD HINGLEY: middle-aged and follicly challenged, but he certainly could play the guitar, again with 2 of his own songs, "Questions and answers", and "In another world", and a playlist favourite Neil Young's "Rocking in the free world".
CLAIRE McAULEY: She has played here before. Blonde shoulder length hair and the style and vocal range of Joni Mitchell. She played 3 of her own songs, Brookline, nameless and The Beatles's "Ob-La-Di".
MIDNIGHT RIDER: 3 guys with guitars including 1 with an electric bass, so much for acoustic, and a drummer. The name of the band, as any of you who know your American history will know, comes from Paul Revere's ride from Charlestown to Lexington. They played 3 of their own songs, "Don't let the world become undone", "Let you go", and "100 miles an hour".
CHRIS REED: A young man from New Zealand, playing his first set in this country, his 3 songs were "Broken", "Silence", and "Stay with me".
GILL HOLDSWORTH: a pretty young lady with light brown/dark blonde and a guitar, who played 3 tracks with no vocals, including U2's "With or without you". This got a laugh from those in the crowd who knew that the nights MC, Mark, fronts U2 tribute band Blood Red Sky.
LINDSAY WEST: a friend of Claire McAuley, she played 2 of her own songs.
JIM KELLEHER: who also played and picked the guitar without vocals, in the Jose Gonzalez style. He played 2 of his own songs, "Eye of the storm", and "Twist", and another playlist favourite, but still a great track Nirvana's "Smells like teen spirit".
BIKINI BACK SPECIAL: An oddly named band and oddly dressed too, both in coats, one with a russian hat who played the guitar and another perched on a high stool, playing the tom toms and marakas. Weird, but kind of wonderful.
CONCEPT: who started off with just the lead vocalist and a guest keyboard player, Alice, for a charming melody "Stupid Sacrifice". Then the singer picked up his guitar and was joined by another guitarist and a female flutist, for "Wrecking what I have". Their last track was "Hero of my soul".
Altogether it was a great evening of live acoustic music.

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