WeyFest 2007 - 1st-2nd September 2007

This open-air event was blessed with good weather. The Rural Life Centre, near Tilford has a wonderful 10-acre site with a multitude of old wooden buildings and a museum-like collection of thousands of antique farm and transport machinery. It was started in 1973 by Mr and Mrs Jackson. They have many volunteers who give demonstrations of typical village life and interactive activites for children, as well as a train ride and playground to add some fun to the learning experience. There was 3 stages, The Villages Green (VG), the largest was a 4-foot high raised platform with an inflatabe arch over the top, The Old Kiln (OK), an 18 by 6 foot marquee, and the Rustic (R) (acoustic) inside one of the traditional buildings. They were situated just far enough away from each other to only hear the one you were at, though this mean't quite a bit of walking back and forth, to see a little bit of everyone. I have reviewed them in chronological order.
Saturday 1st September
IM'N'IM (VG), This is a jam band, usually made up of any musicians who happen to be available at the time, including Richie Ellmer (Solid Juice) and Dave Jull (Mushrooms).
Kindred Spirit (VG), This folky-rock band never fail to get the audience in a good mood. There are not many bands on the circuit with both a saxophonist and a violinist.
Project BlueBeam (VG), These guys really rock, just ask anyone who has seen them play either as covers band Koopa Troopa, or like here with there own material.
Tim Sturdy (OK)?, Tim Green (R),
Warblefly (VG), A great bid band sound, including Bodhran (an irish drum), accordion.
4Play (OK), This jazzy/blues band featues Colin Webb (guitar/vocals, formerly of the gerbs), Simon Callow (Keyboards/vocals, and not from 4 weddings/Dickins), Russ Brown (bass guitar/vocals), and adding some glamour, Helleanor Webb (saxophone, flute/vocals). They perform a mixture of covers and some of their own songs.
Something 4 The Weekend (OK), This is the wedding/function band of Vic Cracknell (keyboards), who runs vic's buskers (open mic nights).
Paul King (VG), Back in the 60s, Paul King played with bands such as "The Russian Front" and "The Good Earth" who later changed their name to Mungo Jerry. In the 70s with "Jigilo Jug Band" and "Rhode Island Red". By the 1980s he was performing with "Nightshift" and "Outside Edge". In the 90s, he re-joined the King Earl Boogie Band till retiring in 1996. He has recently made a sucessful comeback to the music scene.
Bo And Abbe (R), Two very talented young ladies, who write and perform their own songs. Bo sings and Abbe plays guitar.
Jackie Lynton Band, The (VG), There can't be many veteran rockers, who can claim to have painted for John Lennon, and written jokes for Jim Davidson. He performed for many years with Savoy Brown, before setting up his own band in the 1970s. They have played at the Reading Festival and on TVs Old Grey Whistle Test.
Susie Clarke Band (R), Susie performs a selection of her own songs and some covers, ably assisted by Rich Austin (guitar) and Adam Knight (Cajan).
Andy Wilson-Taylor (R), This young musician sings and plays Guitar (live) with added pre-programmed electronic and electro-acoustic effects. His new E.P. "Seraph" should be available soon.
Sunday 2nd September
HedswitcH (OK), Something for all the metal fans, who could've been there. This band features J.C. Storm (lead guitar/vocals), Ben Black (bass guitar/vocals) and Jelly (Drums).
Vic Cracknell (R), Freeway Jam (VG), Vikki Clayton (OK), Steve Gratton (R), The Tabs (VG), Rob Fisher (R), 6 Day Riot (OK), James Deane (Clearfield) (R), Bill Posters Will Be Band (VG),
Gentleman Tim & The Contenders (OK), Gentleman Tim Corbett (Harmonica/vocals) and his band of Condenders, Geoff Peel (guitar), Steve Pepe (guitar) and Rob Pokorny (Drums), certainly woke up the sleepy Sunday crowd with their brand of 50s style Chicago blues and swing.
Cold Flame (OK), Continuing from where The Dayglo Pirates left off at last year's WeyFest, This band also performs some of the classic tracks of Jethro Tull.

Venue: The Rural Life Centre, Reeds Road, Tilford, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 2DL

Map: Find The Rural Life Centre on Google maps

More info: http://www.rural-life.org.uk or http://www.weyfest.co.uk

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